Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Addressing the Calling Cards Mania

There is no denying the growing popularity of calling cards across the world, among both residentials as well as from different sectors of the industry. Whether you want to call your long distance sweetheart or an overseas client, calling cards are the most beneficial solution. Using fixed line telephones end up costing you almost the double of what calling cards charge for long distance international calling. Add to this the trouble of finding a fixed line phone when in a different country with a different native language. Most of the hotels usually add a hefty service tax in your total billing amount thereby making the bill to shoot up higher.

On the other hand, international calling cards are not just one of the most cost effective and easy way of calling but they are available in every second grocery shop round the corner.

Who Uses Prepaid Phone Cards

Calling cards have got a vast market. Not just residentials but even corporates are utilising this cheap method of calling long distance. Whether you are out on a business trip or to want to call overseas prepaid calling cards is definitely the best way out.

Overview Of Phone Cards Business

Keeping in mind the high level of investment that goes into selling calling cards, number of IP telephony providers provide a fully equipped and ready to use calling card platform. This hugely cuts down on the level of investment and risk.

Selecting The Best Phone Calling Card Platform

One should always look for a provider who can help you to easily start selling the cards to your target audience. Sooner your provider can help you to start marketing, the better it would be for your business. The calling card platform essentially allows you to generate and manage PINS for the card. A feature to look out for, is the online billing panel. It gives you the benefit and the convenience to manage the accounts of your customers whenever you want 24x7.

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