Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Simple Tips You Oughta Know to Increase Adsense Income

Google Adsense is indeed the most popular pay-per-click/contextual advertising program offered and available to the blog industry. Bloggers often ridicule about writing an article that they value the content that matters to Adsense than to proper pronunciation, spelling and punctuation.

I am a no-expert in terms of earning big in Google Adsense ‘coz I’ve been blogging for only more than a month now. But, by the time you’ve been reading this blog, I already have earned a lot.

Here’s the BASIC tips that are simple but neglected to know and applied. These do not guarantee you’re gigantic income in adsense. However, this will help you to utilize Google Adsense be applied effectively.

1) Blend Your Ads

  • Forget your color wheel. Admit it or not, we love color combination. This is not the blend I am talking about. The idea is to make your Google Ads appear naturally as part of the post, sidebar or the whole page.

  • OC? Big No-No. Don’t be too organized, like grouping all your ads, banner in the left sidebar and those links on the right sidebar. Lucky you if your viewer was struck by the right side of the bar.

  • Adsense are bottom-less. Do not put the ads at the bottom of your page. I myself do not make it reading a blog to the bottom of every page.

  • Do not use border. This is not blending. This is hovering and imprisoning your ads at the same time.

2) Competitive Ad Filter

  • At first, if you knew that your Adsense clicks will worth as low as $0.01, it doesn’t matter at all. However, your ads deserve more that that. Use competitive ad filter. Competitive Ad filter will target the spammers and those sites made for adsense. Site like these are like virus of your sites, preventing to earn more.

  • Competitive Ad Filter is provided by Google AdSense to block specific ads from appearing on your pages.

  • For more details about Competitive Ad filter, you can visit the Google AdSense Help Center.

3) Target Your Words

  • We must always remember that contextual ads like Google Adsense are content-dependent. Keywords are have been targeted by Google and these will generate the related adsYou can also try to use a specific part of your post, wherein your Google Adsense will focus on.

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