Thursday, June 19, 2008

Payment proof from UrOnlineBux

I joined UrOnlineBux paid-to-click program on Apr 02, 2008 and by Apr 10, 2008 I reached the minimum payout of USD10.00 which I prompted cash-out.

And I received the fund to my AlertPay account on Apr 14, 2008. That's the fastest payout I received so far from any paid-to-click programs. Even though their Terms of Service indicate that the payment will be processed within 30 days, they paid me within 4 days (including weekends).

How did I earned the minimum payout of USD10.0 within 8 days ? From my referrals. By Apr 09, 2008, I have over 50 referrals sign-up under my UrOnlineBux ID. Almost effortless promotion, since I only post about the launching of UrOnlineBux on Apr 02, 2008 at this blog. No promotion elsewhere.

Okay, on with payment proof and additional review below:

AlertPay: Confirmation of fund transfered from UrOnlineBux

UrOnlineBux: My statistics to-date. 91 referrals joined on their own accord. I didn't buy any referral package from UrOnlineBux.

Above, UrOnlineBux bugs: Their cash out allow me to trigger multiple cashout even with one record should the date as "01 Jan 1970". Hope they fix the bug.

Latest history: I just submit another request for UrOnlineBux (USD 16.84) but look at the date. It show "31 Dec 1969". Something wrong with their date stamp.

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