Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Drive Traffic

If you have started blogging for few months now, and still, you’re the only one who knew that you have a blog, better stop it, ‘coz it’s more than nonsense and time-consuming to depend yourself on the income you’ll generate from your blog.

Blogging or making blogs is like a product that you wanted to sell in the worldwide market. But with blogging, your only capital will be your efforts, creativity and patience.

The number one rule in blogging for money, NEVER GIVE UP. The second rule will be, ALWAYS REMEMBER THE 1ST RULE.

The customary way to encourage readers is to write a very interesting topic that will help them. Give what your readers need and you’ll never go wrong. But, it easier said than done. What do they need? You can visit’s 18 Websites That Tell You What People Want. This is really helpful in identifying what would be the hungry fish needs. All you have to do now - is throw the bait.

Here are some tips to gain your traffic. Let’s start on your content… and everything will follow.

1) Keywords…keywords… keywords…
Are you tired of these words? Remember in order to increase AdSense revenues, you also have to use right and high cost keywords. We must not forget that those web feeds are also computer programs. Humans are able to set up the limitations for whatever the computer will syndicate, optimize or whatever. Thanks to free search tools like Wordtracker and Overture that you’ll be able to target exactly what readers mostly want to look for.

2) Freebies…
When I was new to being an internet addict, I mean I was getting there actually, I always google the free downloads, free wallpaper, free ringtones and everything the internet will offer me for free. So, darling offer ‘em for free. But, be careful with any copyright infringement that would prohibit the distributions of these freebies.

3) Rumors, gossips and everything about other people
Admit or not, we love talking about other people, especially about the celebrities who are so famous and enjoying the lime light of stardom. We love the idea of being updated with what’s new and what’s hot in Hollywood. Talk about the three most talked Hollywood controversial, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. We love talking about ‘em and they like it.

4) Create controversies…
Recently, I watched the meet up of Victoria Beckham and Perez Hilton of Perez It’s really rude but incredibly radical how his website catches all the Celebrities attentions, so as all the fans’. I love his tagline – Hollywood’s Most Hated Web Site!

If you wanna do this kind of thing, just be sure to be ready with the sanctions around.

5) Name Your Top Ten List
The advantages of writing about Top 10 are 1) specific; 2) available in all search engines; 3) not too long, not too short; 4) can be opinionated or factual; 5) I have created my own blog about this.

6) Blog about blogging for cash
Most users now are interested how to earn big cash from the comfort of their homes. If you’re now earning from putting up an online store, talk about it. If you’ve been earning from investing from bonds, stocks and other papers, blog about it. People are now interested on how to earn extra income or even their whole source of living.
These are the qualitative ideals on how to drive traffic. Blog plus traffic is equal to $$$. Also, facts plus opinions plus a little of hard work is equal to TRAFFIC

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