Thursday, June 19, 2008

MAKE MONEY ONLINE – Contextual Advertising

Google Adsense has been introduced as the most common, famous and pioneer method used in making money online. This is a good example of contextual advertising. However, the whole blog industry won’t let Google Adsense to monopolize and dominate the whole blog-thingy. There are other income sources, basically under the umbrella of contextual advertising, exist and other nouveau backer trying to pursue blogging. For the same reason, an opportunity to earning online become more ad nauseam. Add other contextual ads available and take advantage that they subsist.

Contextual ads, as mentioned, are ads enthusiastically displayed on your websites that are relevant to the contents in which the ads are served. Con Ads Companies, mostly pay the website or blog owner on a pay-per-click basis while others also offers the CPM.

Here's the most popular Contextual Ad Networks you can rely on to earn money through your blog. However, there might be possibility that the other ads will contradict with the other. Better to read their policies and guidelines carefully, to prevent cancellation of your accounts on a particular con ads company. Example of which is, you cannot put together Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network. But, you can add the Adbrite together with you Adsense.

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: Debit and credit only means left and right.