Monday, June 30, 2008

Stagnant earning from NuffNang

For the past few weeks, income from NuffNang (a Malaysian banner advertiser) is stagnant, zilt, zero. Traffic volumes to as well as backlinks are only increasing side. Yet, NuffNang earning does not budged a cent.

One thing that NuffNang consider is traffic to your site or blog must be from Malaysia or Singapore before their widget displayed an ads. Most advertisers are from Malaysia or Singapore and thus they would like to ensure that their target are locals. My visitors however are mostly from the United States, after all is meant for global audience. But even so, traffic from Malaysia is increasing as well.

That's why I couldn't understand why NuffNang did not display any ads for the past few weeks. If ads were display, it was very sporadic. No ads mean no earning.

With the oil prices soaring, it is understood that advertisers are now more thrifty on their advertisement budget. And from this example, I can only deduced that the soaring oil prices deterred more advertising budget from advertisers and this has directly impacted NuffNang and her members.

This trend will definitely spread to the States and Europe and this will result in the declining of online advertising spending by advertisers and sponsors.

The graph below illustrates that traffic to NuffNang is declining sharply.

NuffNang: Sudden drop