Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top 8 Job Search Engines

The internet has changed the way we look for a job, and job search engines have made it a breeze to find jobs around the globe. Here are the top 8 job search engines.

1 ?" Monster Monster has been around for some time and it has excellent search capabilities by employer, location, and keyword, or you can just scroll. There are also job search alerts, and chat boards where you can network. Post your resume online.

2 - CareerBuilder CareerBuilder lets you post your resume, find a job using their handy tools, and create job alerts for new posting so you’re right on top of it. You can also use the job resources and get job advice.

3 ?" Indeed This is a very good job search engine but it doesn’t let you submit your resume. The job search capabilities are excellent and it indexes more of the job search sites than any other sites, and it’s easy to use.

4 ?" FedWorld If you’re looking for a government job then this is the site for you. You’ll find a detailed listing of all federal jobs and it’s the best federal searcher out there.

5 ?" Yahoo Hot Jobs This job search engine is attached to your Yahoo ID so it’s really convenient. Search by location and you’ll see all the jobs in the area. Subscribe to the RSS feed and see new job postings as soon as they hit the site.

6 ?" Dice This site posts technology jobs and if you’ve got security clearance you get to search on clearancejobs.com too.

7 ?" America’s Job Bank This is one of the largest job search engines on the internet with more than two million jobs posted. In fact, every day more than twenty thousand jobs get posted, so you can instantly see how your odds of finding what you want will be better.

8 ?" Craigslist Craigslist is a well known site where you can find just about anything, and although it isn’t a standalone job search engine it’s popularity has been overwhelming and it’s a great way to find jobs in your local community.

Job search engines are a valuable tool that will help you find that perfect job, whether it’s in your local community, another state, or another country. And with so many different job search engines to choose from you’ll find the one that’s right for you. These eight are only the start. So why not get busy job hunting?


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