Sunday, June 15, 2008

Football gambling suppression : staggering results in 5 days !

Royal Thai Police deputy spokesman, Pol. Maj-Gen. Ruengsak Charit-ake unveiled the nationwide statistics on football gambling suppression from June 7-11, saying that eight bookmakers, 99 gamblers and three betting collectors were arrested with betting sheets valued at Bt 87,870 and around Bt16,000 cash. (TNA)

;-) Nationwide !

Meanwhile, the planet is spinning... we have several serious issues on hands... But the Royal Thai Police has arrested 99 gamblers with 16 000 THB in cash (500 USD). Ah ah ah ah.

I should add that the whole country is gambling during Euro 2008. It's insane. This event has an effect on the electricity consumption !

EGAT said electricity usage has increased since the Euro 2008 started on June 7. The event will run until June 29.

The increased demand of the electricity won't affect the electricity system because the electricity demand is low during the period from 11am-1.45pm when the Euro football matches are broadcast. Moreover, EGAT has prepared electricity production to serve higher demand throughout this month.

Apichart said that the increase of the electricity usage depends on the popularity of the football matches and teams. From June 7-11, electricity usage increased by 0.6 million units per day.

During the opening match between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, electricity consumption rose by 200 megawatts and peaked during the match between Holland and Italy, increasing by 300 megawatts.

This is why, the “results” of the Royal Thai Police are laughable.

And you know why ? Because they are... gambling themselves ! They have indeed no time to pursue a ridiculous “football gambling suppression campaign”. ;-)

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apparently over 350 million pounds were to be going into the Euro this month just in the UK