Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Make it BIG on EBAY

Honestly, it’s a long shot to be able to make it big on Ebay. When I started on Ebay, I became so frustrated that no one is looking at my site or my products, nor even haggled for the products I cheaply posted for auction. I joined the Ebay forum to get some ideas from my co-Ebayers, so I could reap on my audience to implicitly shout “I’m HERE. I’m EXISTING. I paid tribute to those who responded to my reservations on trying my luck in putting up an online store. One of my affiliates give me advices on how to be RECOGNIZED!

Join the club
Forums have been a great help on every websites or auction site like eBay. It is an application for holding discussions and tête-à-tête which usually focused on a specific subject matter. It’s like chatting on a chat room but with trail.

Be a Top Site Plug-ins
Web based social network is fad in all nations. Sign-up to all available social network sites and befriended with all the visitors. One of the famous sites which basically emphasizing on friendship and getting acquainted with new people is FRIENDSTER. I assume you got an account here and probably gained friends. This has been a trend since 2002. Take this opportunity to post your eBay site or just inform that you’re selling affordable products. Do you know that Friendster is the most visited site in the Philippines and get a hold as 16th most popular site globally? That’s according to Alexa. So, be known to the world now!

Be a Follower
A saying goes, to be a good leader, you must be a good follower. In marketing, you should be a satisfying buyer first to become a rewarding seller. Search for the cheapest product and buy it. Ask for a feedback so that you can build your reputation. Many sellers, as well as buyers, read feedbacks on how you deal with business transactions.

Review your Ads
It doesn’t follow that you must have a flamboyant ads to be recognize. Review your shipping and handling charges. Look for the cheapest courier and offer the same price to your buyers. Review your prices. Search your product on eBay itself and compare your prices with others. If your price is the highest, the possibility to be recognized is close to 0%.

Use your Blog
Blogs will make your product searchable. Promote your products then link them to your ebay account. This is legal. What is prohibited is if you link your eBay to your Blog site and do the outside transaction. I did this once and eBay ended all my listings.

How about MULTIPLY? I love this site! Blog + friendster = multiply. That’s correct, a web host. However, it’s not synonymous with blog like this, where you can earn ‘coz they already made the contextual advertising inserted on the templates. But you can use this for networking purposes. And the much great thing about it, even the distant network will see your listing, posts and photos uploaded.

With all the ways I listed, these will not guarantee your success on eBay but at least, it will increase your chance to make it. Just believe you’ll make it. Just what I did!

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