Friday, June 20, 2008

All About The Latest Technology in Communication - International Callback

When we talk about internet telephony or voice over IP services we often think that we need some sort of 'special computer device' to make phone calls. While in some cases this is actually true many applications and hardware solutions have been develop to turn this new technology around and transform it into a more user friendly solution.

Voice over IP sends sounds through the internet to its destination which is usually a phone or a computer, but currently there is a wide range of options which can be applied to this new technology. It's main advantage over conventional phone service is that voice over IP costs a lot less.

The traditional way, currently used to make VoIP calls involves having a computer with sound card, a high speed internet connection (ADLS, DSL, CABLE, T1,etc.) and finally a headset connected to the sound card which is a very simple setup; then a software application (also known as a softphone program) is installed in the computer which will act as a bridge between the Caller, the company lending the low cost service and the person receiving the call. After a connection is established all the conversation will be sent through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. This method allow to make calls from a PC to another PC or from a Computer to a land line/cell phone, regardless of the geographical location; which is convenient to most users.

Another VoIP calling method which doesn't require a computer to make phone calls is known as 'callback service'. This VoIP calling method is extremely useful, it enables anyone with a phone to make a VoIP call without the need for other computer devices. The way it works is similar to using a phone card, but the main difference is that instead of making an actual call to connect to the service, users get a call back from the service after requesting if from the web or a phone. Receiving a phone call is free, according to most landline and mobile companies. A callback can be requested from a home phone, cell phone, work phone, from a hotel, etc.

There are several callback systems but the most popular are Web Callback and SMS Callback. With Web callback users log on to a web site and provide the number they want to call to, and the number they are calling from, after providing this information a call back is requested and the conversation can begin. SMS stands for short message service which is also known as 'text messaging'. With SMS callback users will have to send a text message to the system to request a callback in order to start the conversation.

This technology not only helps users but businesses. VoIP Wholesalers and business owners have adopted this new turnkey calling card platform in order to maximize revenue through volume due to the high demand this new technology has.

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