Sunday, June 22, 2008

iPhone’s rise to popular has been helped the iphone Games

The iPhone's rise to popular has been helped in no small measure by the quality and ?availability of third party software. A substantial chunk of that third party software ?comes in the form of iPhone games that can either be downloaded or played online.?

Browser-based iPhone games are easy to use and will usually be everyone's favorite ?price: free. There are huge numbers of these games available online. The downside of ?this approach is that many of the games, constrained by the system and their method ?of delivery, are truly dire.?

On to the meatier iPhone games: downloaded straight to your handset. These games ?will be slower to setup (as you are going to have to wait for the bad boys to get on to ?your phone in the first place) and will sometimes have a non-zero price tag. Some ?membership sites may be worth looking at though as the offer unlimited downloads ?for a straight up or monthly fee. Check that you're likely to get your money's worth ?before you pay anything.?

Last on my list – and I won't devote a lot of time here because it's not an approach for ?everyone – is the shadowy world of P2P and torrents. Apple iPhone games will be ?available for free here but the safety of these downloads might be suspect. Totally up ?to you, of course!?

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