Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CashCrate Tips

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Here is another good CashCrate page I found with tips that are very useful in making money quickly and efficiently.

1. Download Roboform


Roboform is completely free, and it will save you a ton of time in the long run. Instead of typing your contact info in over and over again, just type it in once and Roboform will automatically fill in the form fields with the click of a button. This makes the offer process a lot less tedious.

2. Try the Daily Survey Every Day
Depending on your profile, you may or may not qualify for the daily survey at the moment, but don’t give up. Try again at a different time during the day, and it might go through. Think about it. If you complete one survey a day for $.80, you’ll make $24 a month for a few minutes out of your day.

3. Clear Your Cookies
If you fill out multiple offers from the same company, they may not go through unless you delete the “cookies” from your computer. The quickest way to do this is using a free program called CCleaner http://ccleaner.com/. I already had it installed on my computer anyway, so this wasn’t an issue for me.

4. Use Real Information
Make sure you use a real email address when completing the offers. Some of them require you to confirm the offer by clicking on a link they send you via email. You don’t have to use the same email address you used to sign up for CashCrate, so create a free email account at your favorite site and use that specifically for the offers.

*I personally use 2Prong for my email addresses, but you won't be able to verify any offers via email.

5. Trial Offers Pay Better
I recommend signing up for the free trials, because they pay more and most have a one month window for you to cancel before you get charged. Some even have practically no risk, like signing up for an eBay account and making a bid. As long as you bid on an auction that you’re sure to lose, then you’re set. They pay you $8 for creating an account on eBay! (Note: If you’re not good at remembering to cancel things, please avoid the free trials with monthly fees because one monthly charge will likely wipe out the profits from all of your other completed offers.)

6. Tell Your Friends
CashCrate has one of the best referral systems around, so tell your friends. The more people you refer, the more money you will make. Let your friends and family know about CashCrate! Also remember that nobody likes spam. In fact, there is a strict anti-spam policy, so if you are caught violating the terms, your account will be deleted.

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source: http://brokegradstudent.com/category/cashcrate/

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