Thursday, June 5, 2008

De Beers Grey And Orange Diamond Ring

Grey and Orange Diamond

Another breathtaking piece of jewelry from the De Beers high jewelry collection, the Grey and Orange Diamond ring. The ring is a selection of fancy white and colored diamonds encrusted on a platinum band. The total carat weight is 11.5 that is sure to batter any woman’s heart.

The Grey and Orange Diamonds ring is going to elicit the most powerful yes in the world from your lady love when you get down on your knees.

De Beers is showing these unusual stones hoping they will capture enough market share to continue to keep diamonds as the luxury standard for jewelry. DeBeers is known for manipulating the demand for stones. They will decide that smaller stones need more demand and will withhold larger stones. Then when the market has shown the demand slowing, they release the larger stones - thus making your small stones unfashionable.via

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