Saturday, June 7, 2008

TitanClicks, AdverCash, TurboBux change ownership

The ownership of paid-to-click sites TitanClicks, AdverCash, TurboBux have changed hands. TitanClicks, AdverCash and TurboBux were part of TitanCash Network ( which was founded by a 15 years old, name "cronus".

Since he has finished his high-school and will be going to university, he has sold his paid-to-click sites to another party. The sales of those sites is enough to cover at least one-year expenses while he is in the university.

This event illustrates that even teenage can make money from the Internet. According to Cronus, after his university study, he would probably be back to Internet business and aimed for millions. I think he will be able to make his millions then.

Back to the mentioned paid to click sites, for the time being, I would advice caution on those sites, meaning do not pay to upgrade your membership or buy un-referred members package until the new owner has stabilized his operation.

I was just able to get my payout from TitanClicks before this turn of events.

In conclusion, two valuable lessons to be learned from this post:
1. Sites or programs run by individual cannot be fully trusted. Well, Cronus have to stop and continue with his own life but the members of his paid to click sites will have to fend for themselves.

2. You can make money from the Internet regardless of age. Cronus was only 15 years old when he started it. Now, he is 18 years old and ready to move into bigger things.