Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ares Destiny not really a free download

The Ares filesharing software is excellent in so many ways: find your favorite tracks, download them to your computer. From there you can play them, burn them onto CDs, put them onto your mp3 player, share them with your friends and, of course, share them with other users of Ares.

Ares Destiny tries to make many aspects of this process easier still. From the clean looking website, to the easy and painless download process to the slick installation everything seems to go well. Indeed, once you've got the thing installed it works reasonably well (though we have certainly seen better). The interface that Ares Destiny presents to you for use in sharing your music tracks is functional but bland.

What might be interesting is that Ares Destiny costs nothing at all: the download is completely free. Sound attractive? WAIT!

Wait just one second because you really will want to hear about the dirty secret that Ares Destiny hides: it contains the Dealio toolbar. Dealio is well known as a rather persistent bit of spyware and ad server that will plague you into the ground. And there this review must stop. You simply do not want this nasty piece of adware on your machine. Without the adware Ares Destiny is a functional yet bland filesharing facility. What a shame.

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