Sunday, June 29, 2008

BlogWatch: Work At Home Schemes

Here are some of the work at home schemes and tips offered by other web sites and blogs:

ReviewMe's Work At Home Scheme

ReviewMe offers money as work at home scheme for bloggers by reviewing other sites, blogs or products. It now features an Advertorial scheme which allows bloggers to simply post the link, link title and description or message prepared by the advertisers without a sweat.

Advertisers, on the other hand, may set the price per review, the themes of the blogs that are relevant to their blogs, sites, products or services. With reviews from popular blogs, advertisers are greatly benefited thru a valuable feedback, buzz, traffic, and links back to their sites or blogs.

Wort At Home with ReviewMe Now.

Ice Princess's Extra Cash

This blog is about Ice Princess' money making adventures on the web and whatever she finds interesting.

Learn more about Ice Princess's Extra Cash.

Parent Talk

This blog has posts on random baby and toddler parenting tips and information.

Learn more about Parent Talk.

Simon's Money Notes

This blog talks on how to make money online and on the streets. It offers a mini-review of other sites or blogs linking to this blog.

Learn more about Simon's Money Notes.

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